Das Shitter

Our Bathroom, we use it every day. It has almost everything we need, and it comforts us when we get really drunk or eat too many burritos!


6 gallons per flush


Forward facing single pull that runs


6 gallons per flush, but that does not include the wasser it use when it runs.


Biggest shit so far?
After driving from Davis, and eating lots of tamales, beef jerky, hamburgers, and then late night tacos, the the toilet was clogged after first shit. By the time Ben had to take a shit, he had to stand above it, because the shit flowed out onto the floor. Too unclog it, we shoveled the shit out and then used two bottles of drano and a plunger!


When we drink a lot of beer and stay at home.


When we are away too long, and build up big poos. We only like to take poos here.


Current Shitter?
Paul Vandervort (number 1 signer in Ostfreland!!) is usually taking a shit.


Previous owners? History
There was an old lady that lived here before, and she left the magazines and hair spray. We think she maybe died in here becuase the smell just isn't quite right. Sometimes, late at night, there are loud moans that come from this room.

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TV's Alf
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Re: Das Shitter
Reply #1 on : Wed June 16, 2010, 03:08:10
I am number 1 shitter in all of the batheroom.
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