Dave ist der groupen drummeriemer.

1. Which Teutonic is this??

Name: - "phat" David Vandervort


2. Who is the greatest Teutonic musician?

Sven-Erik Geddes, Charlie Karr or our super cool manager Mike "lucus" McCauley, he got we our suits and mismatching guitars.


3. Favorite bands (other than the teutonics)??

america number one acts: The Rantouls, Silver Apples, Greenlights, the rad surf dads, devo, davie allen & the arrows, michael yonkers band, modern lovers, woody guthrie , mississippi john hurt, and de screamin' mee-mees. Deutsch besten beat-Bands: Los Saicos, Os Brazoes, Los Walkers.


4. Where would you take a girl on a first date?

trip to wrestlemania III(hogan vs the giant) where we will talk music, politics, philosophy, theology and arts while surrounded by a crowd of 90,000 screaming intelligence. Schließlich Zurück zu Mannheim for a nice dance time with the the Honky Tonk Man, Jake the snake and Ricky Steamboat.


5. Do you mind seeing girls wear slacks?

never, unless she's a beatnik type then it is a-ok. i like a girl in a apron cooking cabbage and sardine stews with Turnips.


6. Favorite Beer



7. Favorite Food?

cabbage, sardine stews and brats.


8. Do you have any future ambitions?

to have my solo records "drums, drums, everywhere there is drums!" or "THEM DRUMS really is EVERYWHERE with included motor bikes and other sound effects" played on the USA radio by Murry the K.


9. Do you ever get nervous in front of a crowd?

i am not sweaty and shaky on purpose it's a glands problems:(

10. Do you have any favorite actors and singers?

Troy donahue, Connie Francis, Klaus Kinski, adam west, George Kennedy, Bruce Dern, and lee van cleef are very good actor/singers.


11. What do you really dig about show biz?

It lead to me meeting the most beautiful girl in the world, my current girlfriend Melissa. We're going to get married!


12. What do you hope to do with all the money you are making?

I want to have a really boss honeymoon!


13. What are your favorite types of fashions?

Melissa picks all my clothes. We like to look just like each other!


14. What type of looks and personality do you dig in a girl?



15. Did you ever date any of your fans?



16. Do you go steady?



17. What do you like to do when your are alone?

Cry because Melissa isn't around.


18. Do your fans ever bother you?

Not Melissa!


19. What is your secret wish?

That Melissa took over Paul's place as lead singer of the Teutonics!


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