Paul! Number 2 Signer in Ostfriesland!!

Paul ist da Singer of der groupen. 

1. Which Teutonic is this??

Name: - Paul I do the tamboreen, and singing


2. Who is the greatest Teutonic musician?



3. Favorite bands (other than the teutonics)??

Freddy and The Dreamers (Freddy is a great showmen), also Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon Freddy is the great singer who I like to try and sound a lot alike, and Jan and Dean have fun song like "schlock rod part 1" and "schlock rod part 2". I also like Fred Sanford, Fred Savage, Fred(erick's of Hollywood) and Fred Flintstone.


4. Where would you take a girl on a first date?

To see the submerine races


5. Do you mind seeing girls wear slacks?

In My school the girls are not allowed to wear slacks. nor are they allowed to at the roller rink which is good! Hopefully this slacks trend goes away and girls don't try to wear suits and ties next though becose then that'd look like dykes.


6. Favorite Beer

Miller High Life, Country Club Malt Liquor, and our own Teutonics Brand Beer


7. Favorite Food?

Pizza with everything on it!!


8. Do you have any future ambitions?

To be famous not just in Germany but also in Poland, Hungry, Turkey, and maybe then I will try USA and or UK. Also to help with me reaching superstardom I would like to be changing my name to just "Paul" and not have a last name no more like Cher does. and also that Paul guy from the bible.


9. Do you ever get nervous in front of a crowd?

Not after I took my public speaking class in school. I try very hard to be funny and the teacher hated my jokes and gave me a C-! But now that I pass that class I find that I can not try out my new public speaking skills because I'm never in front of a crowd!


10. Do you have any favorite actors and singers?

The Hondells in Beach Blanket Bingo


11. What do you really dig about show biz?

I get the free beer for me and my gal! The free matching suits, and the free 1-800 numbers.


12. What do you hope to do with all the money you are making?

I hope to use the money to buy beer when I'm not in the show biz anymore...


13. What are your favorite types of fashions?

Whatever my manager says is in, is in with me too. He likes to have us shop at Montgomery Wards which has pretty in style stuff. But in summer time I dig the calliforna surfer look you know (penny loafers, short sleave shirts, and suspenders)


14. What type of looks and personality do you dig in a girl?

beutyfull looks big hair and a bow on top. Likes to do the latest dances and has a silly heart 


15. Did you ever date any of your fans?

Yes this girl named Carol Lynn Anderson won Loyd Thaxton's Tiger Beat magazine contest and got a date with me. Oh Jah, I thought it was going to be a sure thing too but I only got to 1st bass... jah But it was a very good peck on the cheek and holding hands was fun!


16. Do you go steady?

jah Denice wears my pin!


17. What do you like to do when your are alone?

Play with my shelves, and organize my action figure collection.


18. Do your fans ever bother you?

Jah sometimes my fans are on too high and I have to set them on a lower setting because it gets too windy in my room.


19. What is your secret wish?

to play a show in prison!

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