Mike ist da otter guitar stroken im der group.


1. Which Teutonic is this??

Name: - Michael G P. I play a 1962 Teisco Rhythm Blaster Deluxe Guitar. It's the only Teisco ever made by Germans - Germans living in Japan, of course.


2. Who is the greatest Teutonic musician?

Wasn't Charlie Karr in the band? Definitely him.


3. Favorite bands (other than the teutonics)??

The Whotonics, the Bootonics, the Pootonics, and those crazy guys from Jerusalem, the Jewtonics.


4. Where would you take a girl on a first date?

I tried taking a girl to an art show once. It turns out that I don't like art.


5. Do you mind seeing girls wear slacks?

I don't mind at all. And isn't it about time that boys started wearing skirts?


6. Favorite Beer

Country Club, Depends on who's buying.


7. Favorite Food?

French fries. Hold the mayo.


8. Do you have any future ambitions?

Outside of the band? No, the Teutonics are everything.


9. Do you ever get nervous in front of a crowd?

 Only when I watch Anton.


10. Do you have any favorite actors and singers?

If the Teutonics don't make it, I plan on moving to Hollywood to re-make all of the Elvis films. So in that case, I would be my favorite actor and singer.


11. What do you really dig about show biz?

people want fame and fortune. For me, its a chance to travel to strange and distant lands like the United States. Back in Germany, we don't have things like Techno-tronic music, so I like to listen to it as much as possible when here.


12. What do you hope to do with all the money you are making?

Unfortunately, while touring the US we have been getting paid in US dollars. These are worthless in Germany. But they make excellent hankerchiefs.


13. What are your favorite types of fashions?

I try to stay current with all the latest fashions, but its difficult while we are constantly touring. Our manager makes sure the Teutonics always have the trendiest look of any band around!


14. What type of looks and personality do you dig in a girl?

American girls!


15. Did you ever date any of your fans?

I broke hearts in every town back in Germany. But now that we are in America, I am looking for true love.


16. Do you go steady?

I'm not sure I understand. But I try to go steady with the drummer and bass player. They are both so talented with their instruments, its hard for me to keep up.


17. What do you like to do when your are alone?

I practice my songs on guitar over and over. One day, I hope to lead my own band!


18. Do your fans ever bother you?

I am embarrassed to say it, but i love signing autographs! But singing breasts goes against my moral upbringing, so don't even ask!


19. What is your secret wish?

For the Teutonics to play on American Bandstand, Ed Sullivan, and Hullabaloo all in one day!

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hahaha excresence. i love it! very datiny i'm always in awe of all you talented peeps who can pull off DIY projects. my attempts always end in tears and a shredded dish rag!i'll be at LFW too! lets meet! are you going to be there everyday? i'm a first timer and dont know what to expect/whats going on xxxx
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that if you have had sex with 8 or more people, you have aomlst a 100 percent chance of having the virus. Sickening odds, I know. And even more, condoms rarely help prevent the virus because it is so contagious. It's just from skin to skin contact. So like I said, you should be just fine, AND don't be down on yourself. Most people out there have HPV and don't know it. Most STD testing does not test for herpes or HPV, just the clap and chlamydia. I have been with more than 8 people so guess who probably has HPV (points at herself)
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Happy birthed day Warty !
Michael G P
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Becca, sorry about the warts. Some advice on getting rid of them can be found here: http://lifehacker.com/software/health/macgyver-tip-heal-warts-with-duct-tape-156316.php
Becca Kay Jofferson
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Hello Mike, I don't think you remember me but I remember you YOU BASTARD! I met you when the Teutonics were on tour in Bulgaria. You never called or wrote me those letters you said you'd write after our night together! I was a virgin, and now I have warts all over down there and a baby with warts all over his face and no guy will touch me, and the Doctor can't get rid of them! Moral upbringing my ass!

Becca Kay